Hate that Gratitude is a Buzzword?

posted Dec 16, 2021


Gratitude is often the buzzword for this time of year. However, for many of us, it can be difficult to find it within ourselves to be grateful for the circumstances that we are currently experiencing. Relationships that were important to us at the beginning of the year, may be falling apart now. Friendships that meant the world to us in January, are now nonexistent. Random bills seem to be piling up and there’s no extra money coming to pay them. Your children are constantly changing and you don’t feel prepared for this stage of life that they’re currently experiencing.

You are not alone.

It can be hard to see the good that is going on around us when it feels like we are drowning in the bad. Gratitude is the act of being thankful. Therefore, hunting for the good things, is not always realistic advice. Let’s take a different approach instead.

Let’s just focus on the present moment.

What kinds of interactions do you have throughout the day? Are you feeling like you’re constantly moving from one thing to another or do you have time to yourself throughout the day?

We, as a society, tend to move through life too quickly. We go for a run through the local park and forget to look at the beautiful scenery. We are so used to going from one task to another, that we can completely miss the things that are going on around us. Try to make an effort to slow it down. In your interactions with others, begin to think about how you respond. Look for opportunities to say thank you.

Take small action.

On days where you have a higher mental capacity to do so, make it a practice to say thank you at least once throughout the day. Showing your gratitude towards others, makes it more likely for them to reciprocate.

When you are feeling energized, making an effort to say thank you to those who you encounter throughout the day can be impactful for you and them. The thank you’s don’t have to be for anything massive. Simply thanking a stranger for holding the door is great. Thanking someone for making an effort to locate an answer for the question you asked, is perfect as well. It benefits you because it allows you to practice gratitude in that moment. It allows you to send out good energy. And they say that you get back what you put out, therefore, you’re essentially opening yourself up to receive good, positive energy. This simple act also can make the person on the opposite end feel appreciated. You could be making their day.

Give yourself grace.

A lot of times we get so caught up in checking boxes that we forget to be kind to ourselves. Making an effort to appreciate the steps that you have taken to get closer to your goal is extremely important. So practice taking the time to identify at least 1 thing that you’ve done that you’re thankful for. Seemingly small tasks count too! For example, if you were able to thank someone for something they’ve done in your life, that is enough to be grateful for. Even little steps like these are enough to get the momentum started. Once you start identifying those opportunities to be grateful, it will be easier to begin identifying other ways to express your gratitude.