what to expect in couples therapy

What to Expect in Couples Therapy

posted: March 10, 2022

Have you ever thought about going to therapy, but talked yourself out of it? You figured that therapy is probably exactly like it is shown on tv. You and your wife show up to get help for your marriage, but you end up being told that you are wrong and it’s all your fault. This is what many people think happens in couples therapy. Fortunately, this is not true. Couples therapy is MUCH less painful than that. We have compiled a list of what you CAN expect.

Whether you are a new couple trying to figure out how to navigate the hurdles in your relationship or a couple who has been together for years, there are a few things that you can expect to experience when entering couples therapy. Every relationship has its challenges. We, as people, are constantly evolving so it makes sense that our relationships have to evolve as well. Relationships serve as a source of connection to others. It is where we learn society’s rules of interaction, how to meet the needs of others, and how to get our needs met.

There are many different reasons that couples choose to attend therapy together. It could be that the relationship is starting to get more serious. You may have decided to begin planning for marriage. Maybe the couple just got married and has started noticing some challenges that had not previously been in the relationship. Regardless of the reason, enlisting the help of a licensed therapist can be helpful. Here is our list of what you can expect to experience in couples therapy.

What to Expect:

  1. To receive guidance – Many times when couples are facing problems, they are unsure of why their disagreements are ineffective or why they continue to get stuck in the same patterns. Therapists are there to help the couple identify the sticking points in communication and figure out how to address them.
  1. To be heard – One benefit of couples therapy is to help you and your partner feel seen and heard by each other. The therapist establishes the therapy room as a safe haven for you and your partner to learn to communicate your needs, hopes, and dreams with one another. This is also a safe place to discuss any pain or frustrations.
  2. To feel understood – In relationships, it can be easy to focus on defending your point of view and forget to be there for your partner. It makes sense. In moments where tensions are high, your brain may even perceive your partner’s words as a threat. Your therapist will work to comprehend the issue and its importance. Then, she will teach you and your partner tricks to better understand each other.
  3. To get better – Throughout the process of therapy, you and your partner will develop a better appreciation for one another. The way that you relate to one another will also improve. You will understand each other better and handle conflict better. Healthier disagreements = Happier relationship.

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